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Previous Conference

The EFP conferences are linked to national conferences of the member societies, and take place every 2 years.

Scientific Meetings 

1996 Spain, Madrid (3 EFP Workshops: Perception, feeding behavior and diet; Behavioral responsiveness among animal models in research; Behavior, Genetics and the survival of small populations)

1998 France, Paimpont (EFP Workshop: Diet, Foraging Behavior and Time Budgets in Non-Human Primates: How Field Studies May Help Improve the Welfare of Captive Primates)


2000 United Kingdom, London (Congress sponsored by the European Union)


Biennial EFP congresses, alternating with IPS biennial congresses:

2005, August 9–12, Göttingen (Germany)

2007, 3–7 September, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic): Abstracts

2009, 12–15 August, Anthropological Institute, Zurich (Switzerland): Abstracts

2011, 14–17 September,  Almada (Portugal): Abstracts

2013, 10–13 September, Antwerp (Belgium): Abstracts

2015, 25–28 August, Roma (Italy): WebsiteAbstracts

2017, 21–25 August, Strasbourg (France): WebsiteAbstracts

2019, 8–11 September, Oxford (UK): ProgrammeAbstracts

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