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The EFP in Brussels

The European Federation For Primatology is part of the Expert Working Group set up by the European Commission to provide guidance and guidelines on the application of the Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used in scientific procedures  ( .


Since 2010, Prof Augusto Vitale has represented the EFP in the Expert Working Group. In that time, EFP has participated in seven meetings of the EWG, actively contributing to the preparation of guidelines on different issues.


2011: Guidelines for prospective levels of severity of scientific procedures (


2011: Guidelines for statistical reporting of animals used in scientific procedures (


2012: Guidelines for retrospective severity assessment of research project (





2012: State of the art of alternatives and the Principle of the 3Rs (


2013: Guidelines for project evaluation and retrospective assessment (


2016: Second-generation, purpose-bred Non-Human Primates for research


In 2016 EFP was asked to officially register in the Transparency Register of the European Commission for interest groups participating in Expert Working Group for issues related to the application and interpretation of the EU Directive 1010/63.


In 2017 EFP was called to participate, among other 12 interest groups, to a public hearing organised by the SCHEER Committee on the future of research with Non-Human Primates in EU Member States. The hearing took place in Luxemburg in March 2017. In the final report prepared by the SCHEER Committee (, many of the suggestions proposed by the EFP were taken in.

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